Resume and Cover Letter Templates

To assist you in finding the summer job or CNE job of your dreams, I have created new resume templates and a cover letter template that you can use based on your current level of experience and skill set. The templates are in .DOC format and are available via DropBox (please click the links below) - no more Google Drive and it's broken text and horrible layout issues.

Cover Letter:

The cover letter template is a basic cover letter style that you can use for a variety of jobs. And even if the hiring manager doesn't specifically request a cover letter, be sure to include one as it can help you land a job. And check out my previous posts for tips on how to write a cover letter.


For those with little experience, I would recommend using the functional resume template. A functional resume is great for applicants with little to no experience and who want to rely on their skills to help them get a job and not their past experience.

If you have previous experience and are going for a job in the same field,  you can use the chronological resume template. Personally, I'm on the fence about a chronological resume as I think it minimizes the importance of your skill set. But having said that, it does work for some industries as hiring managers know you will come with a certain skill set based on industry expectations. For example, those working as servers for years will know what to do, how to up-sell, tricks on diffusing situations and ensuring customers are happy, and protocol on safe serving and liquor limits.

If you have experience and a variety of skills, I would recommend using the combination resume template. You get the respective strength of both functional and chronological resumes and this type of resume works for those looking to sell their skill set and experience. I personally use this style and have been for the last 15 years as I like the flexibility it affords in that I can chose to play up my skills, experience, or both, depending on the type of job.


1. The general layout of each template is the same, but you are more than welcome to make it your own. Get creative with how you organize and present your information and find a style that works for you. For inspiration, see this previous post I wrote on how to update the style of your resume or cover letter.

2. If you're unsure about what to include in your resume, check out the previous posts I've written with countless resume writing tips. Or for more specific tips, read on how to create a functional resume that works, how to make a chronological resume work for you, and how to make your combination resume stand out.

3. If you haven't written a cover letter before, check out my top 5 tips on how to make your cover letter stand out.

Updated Saturday, June 9, 2018