May 14, 2016

Summer Job Spotlight ... More CNE jobs released!

Last week, I wrote that the annual CNE Jobs Recruitment Campaign had begun with 18 different CNE jobs listed as accepting applications.

A few days ago, the CNE Hiring Team released another batch of CNE summer jobs. And so now, there are 24 different CNE job opportunities across a range of departments.

In addition to the CNE job opportunities announced last week, the CNE Hiring Team is also looking to recruit:

Guest Services Supervisor
Assistant Program Coordinator
Program Facilitator - Arts & Heritage (Augment Reality)
Program Facilitator - Star Trek Art Exhibit
Program Facilitator - CNE Archives Pop-Up Shop
Sports & Attractions Runner

A few things to note ....

1. Pay attention to any minimum age requirements: some jobs require you to be at least 16 or 18 years old due to insurance and operational reasons

2. Pay attention to any special requirements (e.g. valid drivers' license or museum experience).

3. You need to be available for all 18 days of the CNE: it runs from August 19 to September 5, 2016 and you need to be available during that period

4. You need to be flexible: the CNE runs from morning to night, on weekdays, weekends, and holidays so you'll need to work a variety of shifts

5. You need to attending Mandatory Orientation Session and job-specific training dates: if hired, you'll be told when the orientation and training sessions will be held - most likely, it will be before the CNE opens on August 19

To apply for a CNE job, you must complete the online application form. To access the form, visit the job ad of the position you want to apply for and scroll down to the bottom to the "Apply" section. You'll see two buttons - click "New Resume/CV" if you've never applied to the CNE before, or click "Existing Resume/CV" if you applied in a previous year.

For tips on how to apply for a CNE job - and how to make your application stand out - be sure to check out the CNE Jobs Application Tips page.

Good luck!