April 10, 2016

Summer Job Spotlight ... Summer job opportunities with Centreville

Are you a high school or post-secondary student looking for a summer job that offers part-time hours in May/June/September and full-time hours in July/August?

Can you commit to working a variety of shifts - days, evenings, weekends, holidays - during July and August?

Do you enjoy working in a customer-facing role?

If you answered 'Yes' to all three questions, then check out the various employment opportunities with Centreville Them Park (also known as William Beasley Enterprises Ltd).

Each year, Centreville hires hundreds of students to work in a variety of roles that support the park's operations. These roles include Train Conductor, Rides Attendant, Games Attendant, and Counter Staff/Cook.

While Centreville doesn't specify a minimum age on its website, all applicants must be eligible to work in Canada and reside in Canada. Applicants must also be able to work full-time hours during the summer and be able to work a variety of shifts (days, evenings, weekends, holidays).

In order to apply for a summer job at Centreville, you must complete the online application form.

The application form itself is short and straightforward with five sections:

Section 1: Personal Information (including name, address, phone number, and availability)
Section 2: Education Information (your high school or post-secondary institution, volunteer activities, and special skills)
Section 3: Employment Information (your previous jobs, your resume)
Section 4: General Questions
Section 5: Application Submission

While the application form is quite easy to complete, there is one question to pay attention to. In Section 3: Employment Information, you are asked:
Please tell us why you are interested in working for Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd and list three reasons why you are the ideal candidate for Wm. Beasley Enterprises Ltd.
Before you even start the application, spend some time considering your answering and writing it down. If you are unsure of what to write, here are some ideas:
  • Your interest/passion for working in customer service
  • Your communication and teamwork skills
  • Your flexible schedule and availability
  • Your ability to learn new things quickly and easily
  • Your reliability and time management skills
  • Your ability to handle money, process transactions, and reconcile cash tills
  • Your outgoing personality
  • Your ability to up-sell
And be sure to write your answer using full sentences and with correct spelling and grammar.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Human Resources Team at apply@centreisland.ca.

Good luck!

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