April 23, 2016

Summer Job Spotlight ... Canada's Wonderland summer jobs up for grabs

Do you excel at offering outstanding customer service?

Are you looking for a summer job that offers you a range of perks, like free admission tickets and discounted meals?

Do you like the sights, sounds, and scents of a theme park?

If you answered "Yes" to the questions above, then consider applying for one of the many summer job opportunities with Canada's Wonderland.

Currently, the Canada's Wonderland Human Resources team is hiring staff to fill multiple roles, including:
  • Aquatics - Lifeguard (Bronze Cross or NL Required)
  • Games Associate
  • Employment Services Assistant
  • Park Services Associate
  • Technical & Event Services - Audio/Video Technician
  • Wax Hands Fun Zone - Wax Hands Artist
Working at Canada's Wonderland is a great way to gain valuable work experience, learn new skills, and earn money. Plus, many people that I know who worked at Canada's Wonderland were able to return to their job for many years during their studies. For those who really shine in their first year, it's as close to a "guaranteed summer job" as you're going to get.

To apply for one of the summer jobs at Canada's Wonderland, you will need to complete an online application form.

The application form itself is quite long - most likely because you cannot attach a resume and the hiring team wants applicant information in a particular way. Therefore, I would recommend you give yourself at least 30-40 minutes to complete it.

The form has the following sections

1: Registration
2: Instructions
3: Previous Employment
4: Grooming Guidelines (note: you will need to review the grooming standards and agree)
5: Questions
6: Job Preferences (note: review the list of positions as you will be asked to select your top 3 choices)
7: Employment History
8: Education
9: Personal Responses (note: you will be asked why you want to work at Canada's Wonderland)
10: Questionnaire 1 (note: this is part one of a short personality test)
11: Questionnaire 2 (note: this is part two of a short personality test)
12: References
13: Applicant's Certification
14: Review
15: Finalize / Submit

When completing the application form, here are some tips to keep in mind:

- In section 6 you can list jobs that you are not willing to do. My advice ... leave it blank and only list the jobs are you most interested in. Your application will be seen much more favourably if you are willing to consider other jobs, beyond your top 3 choices. Saying that you will not consider certain jobs could make the hiring team think that you're a potentially difficult employee.

- At the bottom of section 6, you are asked if you require any time off during the summer holidays. If you have a family vacation planned or require time off for academic or personal reasons, be honest and mention it here. It will help the hiring team with their staff planning and resourcing.

- In section 7, when you talk about your employment history, you are asked if Canada's Wonderland can contact your employer. If you have a good relationship with a past supervisor, ask your previous supervisor if you can include their contact details in the application form. If you don't have a good relationship with your previous employer or if you are currently in the job, then simply say "No" and explain that you are happy to provide references who can speak to your skills and experience.

- In section 12, you will be asked to provide the contact details for 2 references. Be sure you speak to your references before you include their contact details. While they are unlikely to be contacted before the interview stage, it might happen - especially if the hiring team has to quickly recruit new staff due to changing operational needs.

- Make sure you have a professional email address that you check regularly. Sometimes, applicants are contacted 2 or 3 months after they apply due to a change in staffing needs.

Once you have submitted your application form, it will be reviewed by the hiring team. If you are selected to advance to the interview stage, you'll have two interviews. The first is an initial pre-screen interview followed by an interview with a departmental manager. You can find tips on how to ace the interview at the Canada's Wonderland Summer Jobs website.

For more information, or should you encounter any problems with the application system, contact the Canada's Wonderland Human Resources Team by email at humanresources@canadaswonderland.com or call (905) 832-7401.

Good luck!

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