December 8, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Government of Canada summer jobs hiring campaign

Yes, even more summer job news before 2016 has even begun.

This time, it's from the Government of Canada, which recently launched its annual summer jobs recruitment campaign, the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP). With a range of summer jobs available, working for the federal government gives you a chance to earn a decent salary, gain valuable work experience, and learn new skills - plus, the experience looks very impressive on your resume.

Most of the federal government departments and agencies hire summer staff through the FSWEP process. There are also departmental-specific programs you can apply to:

So what does the application process look like?

Unlike other summer jobs recruitment campaigns, the Government of Canada's Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP) application process is a little different.

Whereas with other recruitment campaigns (e.g. the Government of Ontario's summer jobs recruitment campaign) you apply to each specific job, with FSWEP, you apply to the general inventory. Hiring managers then search the inventory when they are looking to staff various positions.

Okay, but what does that mean for me?

Well, in my experience - both as an FSWEP student and as a manager in charge of screening applicants - you need to make sure your application is broad enough to cover a range of positions. If you focus too much on one area, you might miss out on other opportunities.

Thus, I recommend that you review the FSWEP application tips and pay particular attention to the skills and certifications section as these are used to match applications with the various FSWEP opportunities. Ensure that you select a broad range of skills. And if you are applying for one of the departmental programs listed above, ensure that any skills or certifications listed in the job description are included in your application.

In order to apply to the inventory - and be considered for any job - you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be enrolled as a full-time secondary or post-secondary student in a recognized institution and currently be recognized as having “full-time student status”
2. Be returning to full-time studies for your next academic term
3. Meet the minimum age requirement to work in the province or territory where the job is located

Although the recruitment campaign has just started and there's no fixed application window, if you are interested in securing a government summer job, then I would recommend that you apply early as that increases you chances of success.

To apply, visit the FSWEP job advertisement and scroll down and click on the "Apply Online" link. Create an account and complete the application form, making sure to add any relevant departmental programs to your application so that you are considered for these roles too.

Good luck!