August 16, 2015

Reminder ... Hollander Amusements holding a job fair tomorrow

Just a reminder that the Hollander Amusements CNE job fair is scheduled for tomorrow, August 17th, at 11AM in front of Horse Palace.

During the job fair, Hollander Amusements will be hiring Games Attendants. Bring a copy of your resume along with government-issued photo ID and your Social Insurance number as they will be interviewing and hiring on the spot.

One thing to note ... on the original job fair ad, it did mention that they were looking for "university students", likely meaning that they're looking to hire staff that are at least 18 years old. My guess is that their insurance policy mandates that those handling cash be at least 18 years old.

But if you're under 18, don't fret. There are still many other CNE employers looking to hire staff