August 31, 2015

CNE jobs recap #5

Even though we are entering the second week of the CNE, there are still a few CNE jobs out there, but you will have to act quickly as employers are looking to hire fast.

As of today, August 31, the following jobs are available:

Throughout the week, there may be a few CNE employers looking to hire staff on a short-term basis, especially for the Labour Day long weekend. You can find these jobs by searching for "CNE" and "Canadian National Exhibition" in the jobs and gigs sections of Kijiji and Craigslist. And be sure to exercise caution as some of the posts could be fraudulent, especially ones that do not include a company name. Thus, I recommend that you do not send out resumes with any personal information (e.g. date of birth, Social Insurance Number, address, etc.).

Alternatively, you can try to tap into the hidden CNE job market. If you are trying this approach, visit CNE exhibitor and retailer booths during slow periods (e.g. early in the morning). And if you are available during the week after the CNE ends (September 8 to 12), you can also ask if they are hiring staff to help close their CNE operations.

Good luck!