August 23, 2015

CNE jobs recap #4

With newspaper articles highlighting new and returning attractions, discussing the outrageous food options, and warning of transit service and traffic headaches, it can only mean one thing ...the CNE has officially opened!

Even though the CNE has started, there are still a few job opportunities available, but you need to know when and where to look.

As expected with such a large-scale event, there are retailers, exhibitors, vendors, and food service kiosks that haven't quite confirmed their staffing plans, which means more CNE jobs. But these opportunities will be few and far between and when one comes live, you have to apply as soon as possible.

So far, these are the last-minute CNE jobs that I have seen posted since Friday:
You can find these and other jobs by searching for "CNE" and "Canadian National Exhibition" in the jobs and gigs sections of Kijiji and Craigslist. And as always, exercise caution and discretion as some of the posts could be fraudulent. I recommend that you do not send out resumes with any personal information (e.g. date of birth, Social Insurance Number, address, etc.).

Be sure that you read the job ads carefully and only apply to the jobs that you are qualified to do. For example, one of the jobs ads on Craigslist is for a company that is looking for female beauty product demonstrators who do not have fake nails - if you have fake nails, you will either have to take them off for the duration of the CNE or look for another opportunity.

If the current crop of available jobs doesn't interest you, be sure to check out the previous CNE jobs recap article I wrote on how you can tap into the hidden CNE job market. You can still try this approach; however, only attempt this during slow periods (e.g. early in the morning). The last thing you want to do is to try and apply for a job during the afternoon and evening busy periods.

And also, if you're available during the period after the CNE closes - from September 8 to September 12 - you could approach the vendors and retailers and ask if they are looking to hire staff who can help them close their CNE operations. This could include taking inventory counts, packing and shipping inventory, tearing down displays, and reconciling payments and transactions.

Good luck!