August 1, 2015

CNE jobs recap #1

Over the past three weeks, I've been posting about various CNE jobs - from working with Pizza Pizza to working with Exhibition Place. And so today, I thought I'd provide a short recap/update and talk about job opportunities that will likely be advertised over the next two weeks.

First, some bad news ... if you were hoping to work for the CNE itself (e.g. as a Ticket Seller, Info Line Attendant, or Stage Crew), you're out of luck. Unfortunately, the CNE has already filled all of its positions.

However, over the last three weeks, some jobs have been reposted due to a change in hiring needs. If a job is reposted between now and when the CNE opens on August 21, it will be posted for a short time. Check the CNE's Job Board a few times every day and if you see a job posting that interests you and that you are qualified for, apply right away.

Now the good news ... there are still lots of job opportunities with the CNE's exhibitors, retailers, food service providers, and casino/midway/games operators. And over the next week or two, I expect more jobs to be advertised as vendors and exhibitors realize how many staff they will need to support their CNE operations. So be sure to check my list of CNE jobs daily.

Alternatively, you can also find CNE jobs by searching for "CNE" and "Canadian National Exhibition" in the jobs and gigs sections of Craigslist and Kijiji. However, be aware that some of the posts could be fraudulent so exercise discretion and do not send out resumes with any personal information (e.g. date of birth, Social Insurance Number, address, etc.).

And now, here's a list of current CNE jobs ...

Retail Jobs
Restaurant and Fast Food Kiosk Jobs
Brand Ambassador & Direct Sales Jobs