July 2, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Work as a brand ambassador with Mosaic

A few years ago, I wrote about summer jobs with Mosaic and thought I'd revisit and update that post.

In case you aren't familiar with Mosaic, they are an integrated sales and marketing agency that specializes in consumer-centric marketing and they operate across Canada. You've probably run into Mosaic reps handing out free samples, demonstrating new products, or working trade show booths - but you might not have known they work for Mosaic as they were probably wearing t-shirts or badges that identified them with the companies/brands they were representing.

If you want a job that varies from day to day and you're outgoing, enthusiastic, reliable, responsible, and enjoy interacting with people, then working for Mosaic might be a great fit for you. They've got a range of opportunities - both short- and long-term - that can fit almost any schedule.

To get a sense of the range of available opportunities, visit the Mosaic jobs website and scroll down to the "Current Jobs" section where you can search for contract opportunities that can range from a day or two (short-term jobs) to a month or longer (long-term jobs). You'll find opportunities in most cities and towns across Canada and with companies that range from food and beverage companies to consumer products to electronics and games.

One thing I found particularly helpful is that their job ads tend to be very specific. They list candidate requirements (e.g. age, education, experience, certifications, etc.) but they also give you a sense of what is required in terms of training and work commitments. And some ads will even include information on the recruitment process and what you can expect (e.g. telephone screening interview, group interview, etc.).

Before adding a job to your tracking sheet and applying with your tailored resume and cover letter, carefully review the requirements and dates so that you don't consider opportunities that you aren't eligible for or that have since passed.

And if after searching their site, you don't find a job that's right for you, you can also create a profile and their recruitment system will email you when a job is uploaded that matches your skills and experience.

Good luck!