July 7, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... More CNE jobs news

Good news ... earlier today, I noticed that the CNE Hiring Team posted two new CNE jobs:
They have also reposted their Info Line Attendants with Guest Services job ad.

If you're still looking for a CNE summer job - and would prefer to work with the CNE rather than an exhibitor, retail stall, or food services kiosk - take a few minutes and carefully review each job ad. Pay particular attention to any specific requirements (e.g. age, program of study, experience, etc.).

After reviewing the description, if you are eligible and interested in the role, apply as soon as possible. I expect the recruitment timeline will be shortened as the CNE begins in less than 6 weeks!

And if you aren't eligible for these roles, don't despair. I'm still scouring all job websites for any and all CNE jobs - I'll post details as soon as possible.

Good luck!