July 17, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Exhibition Place looking for cleaning staff

About two weeks ago, I wrote that Exhibition Place might be looking to hire students to work during the Pan/Parapan Am Games and the CNE.

It turns out that Exhibition Place is hiring students to join the Housekeeping Services team in various cleaning/janitorial roles. And while the positions are meant to support the team during the CNE, there is the chance that your contract could be extended beyond the CNE to cover other events scheduled for the fall.

In order to apply for the position, you need to meet the following requirements:

- Full time student
- At least 14 years old
- Legally eligible to work in Canada
- Available to work all 18 days of the 2015 CNE (August 21 to September 7)

And because the job involves cleaning and working with chemicals, you will also need to know about the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) system. The good thing is that most high school science classes cover WHMIS and I would definitely recommend including it on your resume.

You will also have to attend a mandatory one-day training session before the CNE begins. Make sure that you mention that you're able and willing to attend any mandatory training sessions.

To learn more about the job, download the full job description* - but ignore the closing date information as it's no longer valid.

If you are interested in the job and eligible to apply, take about 30 minutes to complete the online application form. It's not a complicated form, but it does include a number of questions that will be used to screen applications - so take your time to read each question carefully.

* Note: although the job description mentions that you can apply by sending your cover letter and resume to staffingoffice@explace.on.ca, I would recommend that you apply via the online application form as it asks specific questions that the hiring managers will use when screening applications. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if applications sent by email simply aren't considered.

Good luck!