July 13, 2015

Ask Andrew, a new Q&A series, is launching this week

Since I started this blog back in October 2007, I have received a number of email enquiries from readers and their parents. The questions have ranged from "What should I include in my resume?" to "How do I find a CNE job?" and I often use these questions as the basis for articles.

To make it easier to find these questions and the answers, suggestions, and tips I provide, and to encourage more readers to submit their questions,  I've decided to launch a new series, Ask Andrew.

Each week, I'll answer your questions in a typical Q&A advice column format. But don't worry, I won't be tackling typical advice column questions like "How do I get my crush to notice me?" and "How do I ask someone out on a date?" - I'll save that for the professionals like Dear Abby and the writers at popular teen magazines!

And so if you have any questions you'd like featured as part of the Ask Andrew series, send them to me at andrew@thehiringhotline.com or you can use the Contact form on the right-hand side of the page.

I look forward to receiving lots of questions on a variety of topics and I hope that you find the series helpful and informative! :-)