June 11, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Jobs are filling up fast! Get your application in to the CNE soon!

So the title of today's post says it all ...

Those looking for a summer job with the CNE 2015, take notice! Get your application submitted quickly as the CNE's Human Resources team recently closed a number of jobs and I expect more to close over the next week.

If you review the list of available CNE 2015 summer jobs, you'll notice that 9 of the 26 posted jobs have closed while some of the ones still available (e.g. Traffic Controller, CNE Casino Dealer, Admissions Ticket Seller, etc.) have minimum age requirements due to the nature of the job.

If you were hoping to land a job with the CNE and are 18 years of age or younger (or do not have your G2 license), I would recommend spending an hour or two over the next few days reviewing the remaining jobs. If there is a job (or jobs) that are of interest, note them in your job tracking sheet, read up on how to apply for a CNE job, and ensure your resume and cover letter are up to date and customer-service focused.

Alternatively, if you want a job with one of the CNE's vendors, midway/games operating companies, or food stalls, then don't panic - those jobs are typically advertised between mid July and early August. I'll post details as soon as I start seeing the job ads on Kijiji and the Government of Canada's Job Bank website.

Good luck!