May 11, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... CNE recruitment begins!

After the CNE Human Resources team recently posted that it was recruiting for Casino Dealers and Security Officers to work during the CNE Casino, it was only a matter of time before they announced their annual, massive recruitment effort to staff all other CNE-related jobs.

Well over the weekend, the CNE made it officially and posted a list of all current opportunities via the CNE's Jobs Portal.

Here is a list of the jobs with the CNE that the Human Resources team is currently looking to recruit for:

Corporate Secretariat / Government Relations
Guest Services
One thing to note is that these jobs are with the CNE itself and not with one of the CNE's exhibitors, retail sales outlets, midway/games attractions, or food service stands. Recruitment for those positions typically happens in July and early August.

Now, as with any large-scale recruitment effort, there are lots of jobs available and you can easily find yourself confused by multiple job ads that sound similar. To help you get and stay organized, I recommend using the 2015 Summer Job Tracking Sheet. Use it to track the positions you are interested in and the positions you apply for - and don't be shy about applying for more than one job as it will help increase your chances of success.

When reviewing each ad, pay attention to the requirements section. Due to the nature of some of the jobs, there could be very strict requirements you must meet (e.g. over 16 to handle cash transactions, a clean driving record to operate the shuttle service, etc.).

After reviewing the job ad, scroll to the bottom and you'll see two buttons. If you haven't applied for a CNE 2015 job, click on the 'New Resume/CV' button. If you have already applied for a CNE 2015 job, then click on the 'Existing Resume/CV' button.
Tip: If you're applying for a job with the CNE for the first time, be sure to enter a password on Step 1 of the application form - otherwise, you'll need to re-register if you decide to apply for another job.
Once you have started the application form, take your time. It's not an overly complex or long form, but it can be very particular (e.g. you have to enter postal codes in A1B 23C format with a space). The screening questions they ask are fairly basic (e.g. 'Do you have a G license and a clean driving record?') and there will be a section where you can upload your resume and cover letter.
Tip: If you don't have a resume and cover letter, you're welcome to download and use the resume and cover letter templates I created. Just be sure to update with your own information. 
Good luck!