April 22, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Summer camps are still hiring!

Earlier today, I discovered the Ontario Camp Association, an organization that accredits and promotes summer camps in Ontario. While browsing through their website, I came across their summer camp jobs page, which lists countless opportunities to work for a summer camp. If you like working with children and have a passion in the arts, crafts, music, theatre, sports, technology, or a similar area, then a summer camp job might just be for you!

There are many benefits to working at a summer camp, including:

- Living and exploring a different part of Ontario
- Learning valuable skills in leadership
- Acting as a mentor to younger children
- Gaining valuable skills in teaching and program planning
- A chance to meet new people and make new friends

One thing to note is that because many of the summer camps are run by non-profit/charitable/religious organizations, they typically pay by season or contract (e.g. the 6 to 9 weeks the camp is operating). Camps are also exempt from paying students the minimum wage; however, in exchange, residential/overnight camps provide accommodation and meals and day camps might provide other benefits (e.g. daily lunches). Check with each respective camp for their compensation policy.

If you're interested in working for a summer camp, you'll need to meet the following general requirements for camps accredited by the Ontario Camp Association:

  • Residential/overnight camps: Have completed at least grade 11 (or equivalent); be at least 17 years old
  • Day camps: Have completed at least grade 10 (or equivalent)

You will also need to have experience working with children of various ages along with skills/expertise in particular areas (e.g. sports, arts and crafts, music, theatre, technology, etc.). And for more senior positions, you might need previous camp experience. Check out the respective job listing for details on specific requirements.

If you are interested, visit the Ontario Camp Association (OCA) Job Board for a listing of summer camp jobs with both residential/overnight and day camps. The OCA also offers helpful tips and suggestions on how to find a summer camp job.

Good luck!