April 1, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Summer camp jobs with Bayview Glen Day Camp

If you're interested in working for a summer camp but missed out on earlier recruitment campaigns for summer camp jobs, check out the range of summer jobs with Bayview Glen Day Camp. Located in the Don Mills and York Mills area in Toronto, the camp offers children from 2-14 a memorable summer filled with fun and friends. And they rely on an extensive team of counsellors and activity specialists to ensure that every camper has an enjoyable time while attending camp.

Working at a summer camp can be very rewarding and beneficial if you're interested in pursuing a career in teaching, social work, or family/children services.

To begin the application process, contact Rick Ostroff, Assistant Camp Director and Human Resources Coordinator for Bayview Glen Day Camp by telephone (416 449 7746) or email (ricko@bayviewglen.ca).

After speaking with Mr. Ostroff, you will schedule an in-person interview at their offices located at 240 Duncan Mill Road, Suite #302. Prior to attending the in-person interview, you will need to complete the staff application form (PDF). You will also want to review with Employment FAQ to ensure that you understand the demands and benefits of working with Bayview Glen Day Camp.
Note: One question I'm often asked is how much Bayview Glen Day Camp pays its counsellors. To be honest, I don't know. They pay their counsellors once at the end of the summer. Before signing any employment offer, ensure that you review the compensation portion of the Employment FAQ and know how much you will earn and when you will get paid, especially if you're relying on your summer earnings to help pay for school or for student loan purposes. 
When attending the interview, you will need to bring the completed staff application form and the following:
  • Contact details for three (3) non-family references (e.g. former employers/supervisors, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.)
  • A photocopy of your Social Insurance Number card (or a photocopy of the Confirmation of SIN letter from Service Canada) 
  • Photocopies of your Student ID card (if applicable) and one other piece of ID (driver's license, health card, birth certificate, passport, citizenship card, etc.)
Good luck!