March 11, 2015

Summer Job Spotlight ... Canada's Wonderland jobs edition

In today's post, I'll be talking about the summer job opportunities with Canada's Wonderland. With more than 4,000 openings across multiple areas, working at Canada's Wonderland provides a great opportunity to meet new people, gain valuable skills and experience, and have fun at work (and afterwards because all employees get free park access).

Although the recruitment process is competitive, read on for some tips on how to prepare for and complete the application and how to make yourself stand out from other applicants.

If Canada's Wonderland is a place you are interested in working at this summer, you first need to do your research. The jobs available range from working as a Rides Attendant or Lifeguard to working as a Cashier or Games Associate to working with the Maintenance and Grounds crew. For full details, check out the list of summer jobs with Canada's Wonderland.

And make sure you review their tips on completing the application form, how to ace your interview, and what is expected of employees. Pay particular attention to their section about appearance standards. Canada's Wonderland has a strict policy in this area and you need to be aware of the rules.

To apply for a summer job with Canada's Wonderland, you need to complete their online application form. The form is quite lengthy and includes a personality questionnaire - so be sure to set aside at least 60 minutes to properly complete the form. 

You don't need a resume to apply; however, ensure that you have details about your past employment and volunteer experiences along with contact details for two references.   

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:
  1. You can only select a maximum of three job preferences. So before starting your application, note down the job titles and job numbers of the three positions you are most interested in.
  2. You will be asked if you are willing to accept any job offer. If you're really keen to work at Canada's Wonderland, say 'Yes' to increase your chances of getting an interview and a job offer. If you happen to get a job offer and you change your mind, you can always decline.
  3. You can opt to list up to three positions you are not interested in being considered for. If getting a summer job, gaining new experience, or learning a new skill is of paramount importance, I would not recommend listing any jobs you won't do. In what I expect will be a tight summer job market, a job is a job and you can learn new skills and gain important experience doing a myriad of different things.
  4. Be honest with your availability. If you're currently in high school, be sure to mention if you're willing to work part-time in May and June before school ends and in September and October when school returns. Or if you have summer vacation plans or another commitment, mention it while explaining that you are still available at other times. 
  5. Spend time on the question about why you want to work for Canada's Wonderland. Don't just say because you want free park passes or need a job. Instead, focus on the skills/experience you have and the ones you want to gain and how you'd contribute to Canada's Wonderland's commitment to customer service excellence.
  6. If you have volunteered or interned, be sure to include that in the employment history section. Under the rate of pay, you can put 'Volunteer' or 'Intern'.
  7. The employment history section will also ask if Canada's Wonderland can contact your previous employer. If you say 'Yes', be sure you let your former employer know that they might receive a call - it's not likely they will as I've heard the Human Resources team is more likely to call your references. If you say 'No, provide an explanation (e.g. your supervisor has left, it was a temporary position, you worked for a family member or for yourself, etc.), and mention that you can provide an alternate contact if needed.  
  8. Answer the personality questionnaire honestly and truthfully and remember that it's not the sole benchmark of your personality - you're a lot more complex than three 30-question surveys. Because Canada's Wonderland has so many positions to fill and they vary in skills required, the tests are a good way to see what jobs are ideal for your skills and personality. For example, if you're not comfortable calling out to people you don't know, working as a Games Attendant might not be for you. But your comfort and ability to offer great customer service might be ideal to be a Ticket Seller or Group Sales Assistant.
If you're successful and move on to the interview stage, know that it's broken down into two parts: a pre-screen interview with a department representative or recruiter; and an interview with a member of the management team. The turnaround between both interviews can be quick - you might be informed on the same day if you've advanced to the next stage or if you'll be offered a job.

Another important thing to consider is that you will likely be a part of a group interview - in other words, you'll be interviewed alongside other candidates who may or may not be applying for the same role. Since many of the jobs at Canada's Wonderland rely on customer service, interacting with people, and being friendly and outgoing, a group interview is a great way to test how comfortable you are in a social setting. Don't be nervous - be prepared to discuss your experience and skills, focus on you and not anybody else, and you'll do fine!

For further information on seasonal employment opportunities with Canada's Wonderland, you can contact Human Resources at or 905 832 7401.

Good luck!

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