August 14, 2012

Summer Job Spotlight ... How to find a job with the CNE!

So you really want a CNE job but you think it's too late and why bother applying? After all, the CNE opens this coming Friday, August 17th. You're probably thinking you're out of luck, right?!

Well not so fast ... there are some unadvertised CNE jobs and read on for some insider tips on how you can tap into those last-minute CNE jobs!

First of all, remember that there's still a full 2 days left before the CNE even opens and you would be surprised at how many employers still need staff. For example, during the final days of the annual SCCY CNE Job Fair, it gets quite busy as employers scramble to ensure they have a full staff ready to handle the thousands of CNE visitors.

So if you're looking to find a job with the CNE, head down to the CNE grounds this week as you can often talk to employers directly. Since the grounds are open, you can walk around and talk to the business owners and exhibitors setting up their booths or stalls. And doing that can sometimes lead to a job offer.

I recommend doing this because some employers don't participate in CNE-related job fairs as they are busy while others wait to last minute before determining what their hiring needs are. But after starting to set up and get ready for the CNE, they realize that they need staff and start to panic.

So, if you do decide to head down to the CNE grounds, first check out a list of the exhibitors who will be attending and make a plan of the one's you would like to work for. You can find a list (broken down by building) on the CNE's website.  And make sure you also check out the food vendors as well.

Once you know where you are interested in applying to, I recommend that you make a generic resume. Usually I'd recommend targeting your resume and cover letter but since you don't know if an exhibitor is hiring, making a generic one is best. If you need help with developing your resume, check out the free resume and cover letter templates I have developed. 

And make sure that your resume is full of the common skills that CNE employers look for, including:
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Able to make fast, quick, and accurate calculations
  • Skilled at multitasking
  • Customer service skills
  • Food handling experience
  • Food handling certification
  • Visual merchandising experience
  • Maturity
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Flexible availability and can work a variety of shifts
  • Able to take direction and follow instructions
  • Quick learner
  • Professional appearance
  • Courteous and respectful
These skills, regardless of the job you are applying for, are definite assets and are the hidden soft skills that all CNE employers look for.

And remember, if you go down to the CNE grounds to look for a CNE job, be safe. It is preferable that you go with a friend, but if you decide to go alone, go during the day, bring your fully-charged cell phone, be aware of your surroundings, and if a situation doesn't feel right, leave immediately.

Making a few bucks isn't worth compromising your safety!

Good luck!

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