August 9, 2012

Summer Job Spotlight ... CNE jobs update #2!

Good news for those of you still looking for jobs with the CNE. Not only are there still 100+ CNE jobs still available, which I profiled in my last post, but Pizza Pizza is looking for approximately 30 Cashiers - and the best part, the job could continue part-time throughout the school year!

To apply for a Cashier job with Pizza Pizza, send your resume and cover letter to Arun Sambhi at

To maximize your chance of securing the job, make sure you highlight your customer service, cash handling/math, and interpersonal skills. Also, try to be as open as possible with your availability to work as the Pizza Pizza kiosks can get quite busy and I would think they need staff to work round-the-clock.

And just a heads up - I have been in contact with a few other employers but the general response trend is that because of the shortened recruitment timeline - and the lack of a Service Canada CNE Job Fair - they are planning on rehiring their staff from last year. That's a bit of a bummer as it directly impacts those looking for a job, but unfortunately that's just the way it goes sometimes.

Good luck!

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