August 15, 2011

CNE Job Fair ... August 16th info

It's Day 7 of the SCCY CNE Job Fair and we're approaching the finish line - in just 4 days the CNE will officially open. And although the job fair is more than half over, you can still find some interesting positions with employers looking to make last-minute additions to their teams.

Here is an up-to-date list of the employers scheduled to attend the SCCY CNE Job Fair - being held at the Dufferin Gates - on August 15:

The Canadian Midway will be at the job fair from 10:00am to 12:00pm and they are looking to hire approximately 50 Ride Attendants. And please note, because this tends to be a popular job, I recommend that you head down to the job fair as early was possible - I heard that some people started lining up at 6am and I've heard from others that the spent hours in line, only to be told that all the jobs were filled.

Daddy Mike's Funnel Cake will be at the job fair from 10:00am to 1:00pm and they are looking to hire 3 Servers.

And if you're looking for a full- or part-time job once the CNE ends and have you a food handling and/or SmartServe certificate, check out the 10 different jobs available with Centerplate. They will be at the job fair from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

If you're planning on attending the SCCY CNE Job Fair, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.) Take public transit. If going by the TTC, take the subway to Dufferin station and then take the 29 Dufferin bus southbound to the "Dufferin Gate Loop" stop. If you're going by GO Train, take the Lakeshore West train to Exhibition GO Station. After exiting the station, walk west along Manitoba Drive to Saskatchewan Road. Continue to walk west along Saskatchewan Road and then head north on Dufferin Street.

2.) Get your resume and cover letter ready. Download the free cover letter and resume templates I've developed. And if you need help, job fair staff will be on hand each day to help you tailor your resume and cover letter for the job(s) you want.

3.) Bring photo ID with you in case you get an on-the-spot job offer.

4.) Dress professionally - khakis or dress pants and a button shirt are perfect. And bring a sweater or rain jacket because the weather near the lake can change quickly.

5.) Arrive early to register for an interview slot because the job fair works on a first come, first served basis. Employers have a limited number of interview slots and the slots for the popular jobs fill quickly. According to some reports, students are lining up at 7am to secure an interview spot - so arrive early or you may be disappointed!

6.) After registering for an interview, stay close to the job fair area and don't leave. You may lose your spot if the job fair staff call you name and you don't show up.

7.) Bring activities like games, cards, or a book, along with drinks and snacks since the job fair is in an area where there isn't much going on.

8.) Have fun!

For more information, contact the SCCY - Dufferin Mall staff at 416 583 4849 or sign up for email updates with

Good luck - and remember to come back later for an updated list of employers attending tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I went there today, and I just want to make it known, that yes the age limit for the Canadian Midway Jobs is 18+, which is what they made known today. Also, they did their hiring separately at their own booth, so while we stood in line for 8 hours, with our interview slots already registered, they managed to accumulate about the number of employees they needed. When asked they said that they would not be hiring a lot of people for tomorrow and had found a good amount of the people they needed already. Just a heads up to all who still want to head down, I recommend that you head down to the Canadian Midway's Booth itself to see if they are continuing with their process from today. Also, in times wise, we were told the first people in line started just before 3 AM, so do head out early. Thanks.

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there! Thank you for your comment - and thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. It is very much appreciated! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just wondering if experience is needed for Daddy Mike's Funnel cake. And also, do you know what is the age requirement for it? thanks a bunch !

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment!

On the job ad, there isn't explicit mention of any age requirement. Generally speaking, the minimum working age in Ontario is 14; however, companies can set higher minimums for a variety of reasons (e.g. their insurance company will only insure and bond those 18+ to handle cash).