June 20, 2011

Summer Job Spotlight ... CNE jobs update #2

Okay, first of all, my apologies for not updating my blog a lot over the past three(!) weeks. I've been working with some readers in developing their summer job search strategies. And I'm also looking at re-branding and re-developing my blog - stay tuned for details on that.

Anyways, here is my first (of many!) posts that relate to summer jobs with the CNE - and today, I'm focusing on the CNE jobs that the CNE itself is responsible for recruiting.

According to the CNE Jobs site, the only way you can apply for a summer job with the 2011 CNE is to apply online. Unlike in past years, the CNE Recruitment Team will not be organizing a CNE Job Fair. I'm not sure why - personally I think a job fair is the best recruitment strategy for amusement parks - but then again, last year's job fair was really well attended and putting together a great job fair takes time, money, and resources.

So instead this year, those looking for a summer job with the CNE must apply online.

Now, first things first. As with many other companies and organizations, the CNE has chosen to use the Taleo Talent Management system - a system my longtime readers know that I'm not too keen on. Thankfully, the CNE's job application is quite simple and shouldn't present any problems.

When you visit the CNE Jobs site, you'll find the following list of general/generic CNE jobs:

Attraction Services - Job #CNE100

Audit Services - Job #CNE101

Cleaning Services - Job #CNE102

Supervisory Services - Job #CNE103

Vehicle Drivers - Job #CNE104

Visitor Services - Job #CNE105

Under each of these general jobs are specific summer job opportunities available with the CNE. You'll have to click each one to find out what specific job(s) fall under which general job. You can also use the links on the left-hand side of the page which will give you more information about each job.

Once you find a job you'd like to apply for, you must click on the "Apply Now" button found at the bottom of the job ad and then register by choosing a username and password. Then you will directed to the 2011 CNE Job Application.

The application form itself is quite simple and you will have to upload a cover letter and resume after answering some pre-screening questions.

INSIDER'S TIP: To ensure that you think about each of your answers, I recommend starting the application and then copying and pasting the screening questions into an MS Word document. Then you can take a few moments to review each question carefully before making your decision.

Make sure you press "SAVE & CONTINUE" after each page. If you don't, you will lose your work. And don't use the "Back" button on your browser - it really messes with the Taleo system and you'll lose your work.

And one last thing, if you want to apply for multiple jobs that fall under different general job categories (e.g. a job under the Cleaning Services and a job under the Audit Services category), you must apply twice. However, the good thing about this year's CNE Job Application Form is that you can apply for up to three related positions on each application - so might as well list three and increase your chances of securing a summer job with the 2011 CNE.

Good luck!

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