May 10, 2011

Summer Job Spotlight ... Ontario Place still hiring

Okay, so it's May and you could be thinking "Oh my gosh, it's so late. There aren't any jobs left!" Well not to worry ... even though it's May, there's still some really interesting summer job opportunities available - like the summer jobs with the Art Gallery of Ontario that I talked about in my last post.

But if working in an art gallery isn't your thing, then take a look at the summer jobs with Ontario Place. And recently, Ontario Place announced that it will offer free admission and an extended summer season - that's definitely a good sign that Ontario Place will be looking to hire additional staff.

As with all other theme parks, there's a range of summer jobs with Ontario Place that are currently being advertised. For a complete list, check out the Ontario Place Job Book.

To apply for a summer job with Ontario Place, complete the Ontario Place Summer Employment Application Form. You don't need a resume or cover letter, but you do have to enter details from your work, volunteer, and education experience. Also, you need to select at least two jobs you want to apply for - to a maximum of 3 - hence why you need to read and review the job book.

And take note - the application form does include a section with a mandatory behavioural-type question, "Please describe what you would do if you encountered a customer who was complaining of poor service." Definitely take a few moments to craft a good response to this question.

INSIDER'S TIP: For this question, make sure you talk about key cornerstones of good customer service - listening to the customer, paraphrasing their concerns, working efficiently to deal with their concerns, relaying messages to immediate supervisors, etc. If you find it easier, take a specific situation and discuss what you would do in that situation - for example, a customer complaining about the price they were charged for a drink.

For more information, or should you have any more questions about summer jobs with Ontario Place, contact the Human Resources team at 416 314 9898 or at hr[at]ontarioplace[dot]com.

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