May 25, 2011

Summer Job Spotlight ... CNE jobs update

Over the past two weeks, I've received a good 30 to 40 emails from readers wondering what's going on with recruiting for Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) jobs this year. After all, by this time last year, the CNE had already set a date for its yearly CNE Summer Job Fair - but this year, nothing's been set yet.

So what gives?

Well at this point, nobody really knows.

According to the CNE's job website, the CNE's Recruitment Team is in the process of developing a new online application form. I've been checking the website periodically and the new application form still isn't available.

In the meantime, if you are planning on applying for a summer job with the CNE, start your preparation now. First, check out the list below for a complete listing of the summer jobs that the CNE's Recruitment Team are looking to fill:

Admission Ticket Seller
AgVenture Attendant
Audit Supervisor
Blower Operator
Cleaning Attendant - Buildings
Cleaning Attendant - Grounds
Compactor Operator
EXpress Train Driver
EXpress Train/Stop Conductor
Floor Managers
Food Building Attendant
Found Children / Lost & Found
Funline Attendant
Gate Attendant
Guest Relations Attendant
HorseCapades Attendant
Information Booth Attendant
Kids' World Attendant
Midnight Grounds Crew
Parking Attendant
Push Cart Attendant - Grounds
Sports Attendant
Tractor/Sani-Van Driver
Tractor/Sani-Van Helper

Keep in mind that this list only contains the summer jobs offered by the CNE itself - there are hundreds of jobs offered by exhibitors, midway/games operators, and food/beverage providers that will be filled closer to when the CNE begins. Often, these CNE jobs are advertised on the Service Canada Job Bank and/or during the yearly Service Canada Centre for Youth CNE Job Fair. Keep checking back here for details when they become available.

One last thing, if you don't have a resume and cover letter, take the time to create one. I've uploaded tons of free resume and cover letter templates that can be changed based on the job(s) you are interested in.

Good luck!

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