May 26, 2011

A great site for host/server/bartender summer jobs

Earlier today, I was browsing the Service Canada Summer Job Bank and I came across a number of listings for those job seekers who are looking for a summer job in the restaurant industry ... an ideal industry for post-secondary students looking to earn money over the summer.

At first, I thought each of the jobs was with the same employer, but upon review, I noticed that they were being advertised by, a website that targets those looking for employment in the restaurant industry. Think of it as a Workopolis or Monster - only specifically geared towards the restaurant industry.

Personally, I've always been a fan of websites that focus on recruiting for specific industries because they tend to have more in-depth listings than general job websites. One of my favourite job websites was the now-defunct because it had tons of listings and focused on the exact industries that students tend to gravitate to - retail, restaurant, and promotions/in-person marketing.

If you're looking for a summer job in the restaurant industry, definitely check out the listings on The website itself is easy to use - just select the location and type of position you are looking for.

If you find a job you would like to apply for, you can apply using their website, but I would caution against it - nothing against the website itself, but the restaurant industry is based on in-person experiences and thus, I recommend applying in-person during a quiet period (e.g. between the lunch and dinner rush - from about 2pm to 4pm is best).

As with any other job, having a resume and cover letter is key. If you don't have one, download some of the free cover letter and resume templates that I've developed.

And one last thing - if you really want to work in the restaurant industry, I recommend getting SmartServe certification. It's an easy, 4-hour online course that teaches you about how to serve alcohol responsibly. Although it's not 100% mandatory, you might as well pay the $45 and do it - it will definitely make you more marketable to prospective employers.

Good luck!

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