April 15, 2011

Summer Job Spotlight ... More City of Toronto summer jobs

Recently, I was talking with a colleague at work about summer employment opportunities with the government. She asked how her daughter could get a job and I explained that recruitment for summer jobs with the government typically happens very early - sometimes as early as October/November of the previous year.

But with that being said, there are still government agencies and departments looking to hire students. Take for example the recent posting of 100+ summer jobs with the Government of Ontario. And even the City of Toronto is still hiring as they recently posted a number of summer job opportunities on the City of Toronto's Summer Job Board.

Here's a list of the available jobs:

Work Term Student (Reference #11SUM11)

Work Term Student (Reference #11SUM14)

Water Pollution Sampler (Reference #11SUM12)

Summer Trainee - Technical (Reference #11SUM13)

Work Term Student - INFO-TO-GO Team Leader (Reference #11SUM16)

Survey Assistant - INFO-TO-GO Program Counsellor (Reference #11SUM15)

To apply for any of these opportunities, you must complete the City of Toronto Summer Job Application Form. This form can be found at the bottom of each job ad - click the blue "Apply for this position" button.

In addition to your personal details, you will need to cut and paste your resume and cover letter into the appropriate section of the application form.

INSIDER'S TIP: Because the City of Toronto uses Resumix to collect resumes, you must ensure that you have a well-formatted and keyword-heavy electronic resume and cover letter. Also, make sure that you format your resume correctly since special fonts and characters will not show up properly.

To really make your application stand out, read a previous post I wrote on how to analyze job ads for specific keywords - I used a City of Toronto advertisement as an example and I recommend reading it before completing your application.

One last thing - be vigilant about the application due date as each job has its own deadline.

Good luck!

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