April 5, 2011

7 more City of Toronto summer jobs now open

So in my last post, I talked about how the City of Toronto has sort-of begun its summer recruitment campaign. Usually by this time of the year, a number of jobs have been advertised, but given the new administration and the funding shortfall Toronto faces in its next budget, I imagine that many municipal departments are taking a second look at any hiring.

But nonetheless, there are still some positions being advertised - and just yesterday, 7 jobs were posted on the City of Toronto's Summer Job Board.

Here's a list of the positions currently being advertised:

Summer Trainee - Clerical (Job #11SUM03)

Summer Trainee Inspection/Survey 40HR (Job #11SUM04)

Summer Trainee Technical (Job #11SUM05)

Summer Trainee Technical (Job #11SUM06)

Summer Trainee Technical (Job #11SUM07)

Summer Trainee Technical (Job #11SUM08)

Summer Trainee Technical (Job #11SUM09)

To apply for any of these opportunities, you must complete the City of Toronto Summer Job Application Form. This form can be found at the bottom of each job ad - click the blue "Apply for this position" button.

In addition to your personal details, you will need to cut and paste your resume and cover letter into the appropriate section of the application form.

INSIDER'S TIP: Because the City of Toronto uses Resumix to collect resumes, you must ensure that you have a well-formatted and keyword-heavy electronic resume and cover letter. Also, make sure that you format your resume correctly since special fonts and characters will not show up properly.

To really make your application stand out, read a previous post I wrote on how to analyze job ads for specific keywords - I used a City of Toronto advertisement as an example and I recommend reading it before completing your application.

Keep in mind that all applications are due by April 11, 2011.

Good luck!

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