August 15, 2010

Want a CNE job? Check this out!

So you really want a CNE job, but you haven't been to the Service Canada Centre for Youth CNE Job Fair yet?

You're probably thinking your out of luck, right?!


There's still CNE jobs available and read on for some insider tips on how you can tap into those last-minute CNE jobs!

First of all, there's still 3 days of hiring left during the annual SCCY CNE Job Fair. Both Monday and Wednesday will be great days to check out the job fair as there's multiple employers scheduled to attend on both days.

You'll also want to head down because the organizers of the CNE job fair sometimes get last-minute employers who show up unannounced. In fact, 4 years ago when I was involved in organizing the event, we had multiple employers show up at the last-minute and hire more than 40 students!

Of course, there's no guarantee this will happen, but you can hope right?

Another good reason to head down to the CNE job fair this week - you can often talk to employers directly.

Since the CNE grounds are open, you can walk around and talk to the people setting up their booths or stalls for the CNE. And doing that can sometimes lead to a job offer.

I recommend doing this because some employers don't participate in the CNE job fair as they don't know what their hiring needs are. But then they realize, usually a few days before the CNE begins, that they need more staff.

If you do decide to do this, I recommend that you make a generic resume that's full of the common skills that CNE employers look for:

- Communication and interpersonal skills
- Teamwork skills
- Able to make fast, quick, and accurate calculations
- Skilled at multitasking
- Customer service skills
- Food handling experience
- Visual merchandising experience
- Maturity
- Responsibility
- Reliability
- Flexible availability and can work a variety of shifts
- Able to take direction and follow instructions
- Quick learner
- Professional appearance
- Courteous and respectful

These skills, regardless of the job you are applying for, are definite assets and are the hidden soft skills that all CNE employers look for.

And remember, if you're going at it alone, go during the day, be safe and aware of your surroundings, and if a situation doesn't feel right, leave immediately.

Making a few bucks isn't worth compromising your safety!


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
would you kindly tell me what employers will be at the job fair this week? I would like to head down to the job fair but there are no positions listed on JobBank for the next 3 days of the job fair. Thanks a lot!

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there!

I've uploaded a blog post about Monday's employers already at

Based on the initial schedule I was given, Simpro is the only employer on Tuesday - they are looking for Inbound and Outbound Customer Service Representatives.

As for Wednesday, Zbediak Foods, Frontier Foods, and Wings & Fries are looking for Counter Attendants. Paragon will also be there looking for part-time security guards.

Keep in mind this can change as last-minute employers sometimes show up. And it never hurts to walk around the CNE grounds and ask employers directly too!

Good luck! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,
I have a few questions:
I was wondering if you know whether interviews correspond with the different positions for the job fair, because I foudn out that interveiws begin at 9 am and I was wondering if you can tell what they're for?
Also, would an application form be needed for the job fair? I asked Belinda Ly and she said no application is required. Please respond asap:)
Thanks a bunch!

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there!

Yes, each employer books a specific time that they will be present at the CNE job fair.

Based on the information sent to me by organizers, Simpro Solutions is the only employer scheduled for tomorrow from 9am to 4pm. They'll be hiring inbound and outbound call centre agents.

On Wednesday, here's who's scheduled to attend:

Zbediak Foods from 11am to 1pm
Wings & Fries from 2pm to 4pm
Frontier Foods from 1pm to 3pm
Paragon Security from 9:30am to 4:30pm

Keep in mind that you can begin to register for these interviews at 8:30am and registrations are on a first come, first served basis.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what companies will be at the CNE Job Fair on Thursday Aug 19?

Andrew Hercules said...


At the moment, there are no employers scheduled for tomorrow as the CNE begins on Friday.

There may be some last minute employers who show up and if there are, I'll post the info soon.

One thing you may want to try is walking around the CNE to see if there are any employers who are looking to hire - sometimes you can find a great job that way.

Good luck!

Colleen said...

Hey Andrew, I have a lot of confusion about the job fair I attended on wed 18th.
I was hired by Frontier Foods on the spot of my interview. I was told to get my smart serve, so i quickly went to complete it before the my interviewer was going to head home. On my way to get my smart serve the same guy who interviewed me called to tell me I didn't need to bring my notification in (that i had completed my smart serve) Apart from that, the guy who interviewed me (michael) had written "hired" on my resume but hasn't contacted me back since wednesday and the CNE happens to be starting today.
I'm not sure if this means I got my smart serve for no reason, and that I haven't been hired.
Do you know if this usually happens? Or if there is a number I could call?

Thank you!

Andrew Hercules said...

Hi Colleen,

I'm sorry to hear about the confusion regarding the job fair.

Since each employer is responsible for hiring employees, you would have to follow up with Frontier Foods. It's not a common practice - that I know of - for employers to say you're hired but then not get in touch with you. It could be a mix up given the last minute hiring done by Frontier Foods.

If you want, you could call the job fair organizers at 416 583 4806 to find out Frontier Food's number.

I hope this helps - and good luck!