August 14, 2010

CNE Job Fair ... August 16th info

Since I received a number of email and Facebook messages yesterday and today from readers wanting to know who will be at the Service Canada Centre for Youth CNE Job Fair on Monday, I decided I'd post the list early.

Because the CNE is set to begin on Friday, the number of jobs isn't as high as last week - but don't let that deter you from attending since there are some interesting last-minute CNE job opportunities ... including various jobs with Astro Zodiac.

Astro Zodiac will be at the job fair from 10:00am to 12:00pm. They are looking to hire a number of Ride Attendants and Game Concession Operators.

Sodexho will be at the job fair from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. They are looking to hire one (1) Warehouse Clerk and four (4) Deliverer Helpers.

The 2010 Service Canada CNE Job Fair will take place at the Dufferin Gates, which are located at 10 Dufferin Street, across from Medieval Times.

The best way to get there is via public transit.

If you're going via TTC, take the subway to Dufferin station and take the 29 Dufferin bus southbound to the 'Dufferin Gate Loop' stop.

Or, if you're travelling by Go Transit, take the Lakeshore West Go Train to Exhibition. Exit the station and walk west on Manitoba Drive to Saskatchewan Road. Continue west on Saskatchewan Road until you reach Dufferin Street.

And before you head down, take a look at the list of suggestions I recommend to those planning on attending this year's job fair. And I've recently added some great tips on what hiring managers are looking for in your resume and how to ace your job interview.

For more information on the Service Canada CNE Job Fair, contact the Service Canada Centre for Youth - Dufferin Mall location at 416 583 4806.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if the times of the Job fair and the interviews correspond, because I heard interview begin at 9am and I'm not sure if interviews (if they are occuring) will be for specific work or interviews for past days.

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there!

Sign ups for interviews begin between 8am and 8:30am. However, interviews can take place anytime between 9am and 4pm.

When you arrive at the Dufferin Gates, there should be a list available of which employers are hiring and at what time they have booked interviews. Once you decide on the company you'd like to interview with, you sign up for one of their interview slots.

The slots are given on a first come, first served basis so I advise you arrive early to get the best selection.

Anonymous said...

Since you don't specify how many jobs there are available, as you probably don't know, how many jobs do you think there will be available and how many people do you think will show up? I'm feeling alittle discouraged because I'm probably younger than alot of others and have little to no work experience... Plus, there are very few days left... How early do you reckon that I should come to have a good chance? I know earlier is better but.. how early?

sorry for the long question, but its my last chance!

Andrew Hercules said...

Hey there! Thanks for your comment. I know that the job fair can be discouraging because it's so popular and there are lots of people looking for work. But with that being said, having a great resume can definitely set you apart from other job applicants - regardless of how much experience you have. Years ago, I had two clients who were 14 and who didn't have any work experience but a great resume resulted in them getting 3 job offers. So what I'd recommend is that you take the weekend to develop a really good functional resume - check out the link in the menu bar for free templates.

As for the day you want to go, I'd recommend going on Monday or Tuesday - Canadian Midway will be there are they are looking for Game Attendants and from what I understand, there isn't a set age minimum.