June 28, 2010

Summer Job Spotlight ... Retail jobs still to be found

With most high school students done with school for the year, malls and other retail establishments have gotten quite a bit busier as students without a job clamour to find the remaining positions. And with student unemployment still high, despite an increase in the number of employed youth, competition is even greater.

Recently, I was walking through a mall in the east end of Toronto and I noticed that the H&M store was advertising a recent job fair. I went into the store, spoke with the manager, and he said that there are still positions available both in his store and in other retail stores - you just have to be prepared to look.

While many retail jobs have already been taken, or won't be offered because of the still-recovering economy, you shouldn't be discouraged but should expect that you'll have to work a little bit harder to uncover opportunities. And the first place you should start is on the corporate website of the store you'd like to work for.

For example, if you'd like to work at H&M, visit H&M Canada's special section with information on all the H&M jobs in Canada. Within its stores, H&M hires Sales Advisors, Department Managers, and Visual Merchandisers on both a full- and part-time basis.

If working at H&M interests you, check out the H&M job board which lists the hundreds of H&M jobs in Canada.

Another chain that many students gravitate to is the Gap Inc. family of stores, which includes Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. There are still many jobs available in their stores and the best place to start is on the Gap job board which lists Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic jobs in Canada.

Of course, H&M and Gap Inc. aren't the only stores that are looking to hire as many others are. For more tips on how to find a summer retail job, check out my posting on the top 5 tips for getting a summer retail job.

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