May 25, 2010

Summer Job Spotlight ... Perfect time to get a government summer job

Recently, a reader sent me an email asking how he could find a summer job with a government agency or department, despite the fact that May is almost over.

Well, the great thing is that for those interested in securing a government summer job, you're in luck because many departments and agencies are still hiring.

If you'd like to work for the Government of Ontario, then check out the Government of Ontario's Summer Experience Program. Each year, thousands of students across Ontario are given summer contracts in a range of provincial ministries and agencies.

Typically, these contracts last about 7 weeks from May/June to the end of August. The salary is a respectable $10.25 per hour and while it's not as high as in other sectors, considering the invaluable experience successful applicants get, the lower salary is worth it in the long run.

Currently, the Summer Experience Program database lists more than 340 jobs throughout Ontario including:

- Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement Assistant
- Court Support Officer Summer Assistant
- Environmental Research Assistant
- Financial Officer Assistant
- Geological Assistant
- Help Desk Assistant
- Human Resources Assistant
- Lab Assistant
- OPP Summer Marine Student
- Assistant Public Relations Clerk
- Assistant Tourism Advisor
- Veterinary Science Researcher Assistant

In order to be eligible for the program, you must be:

1. By the first day of employment, 15 to 24 years old - or up to 29 if you are a person with a disability
2. A permanent resident of Ontario
3. Eligible to work in Canada

To apply for a job under the 2010 Summer Experience Program, you must search the database for available jobs. Once you have decided which position(s) are of interest, download and complete the 2010 Summer Experience Program application form. The form itself is available in either MS Word of PDF format and you can fill it in directly on your computer and then save it.

You will have to fill in one form for each job you'd like to apply to. Also, make sure that you include a well-written cover letter, addressed to the person specified in the job ad, and your resume.

Once you have all three documents, you can send them to the contact person listed in the job ad. Remember to create a work-only email address (e.g. so that you not only give off a professional image, but that your email does not get screened into the hiring manager's junk mail folder.

INSIDER TIP: If you're applying for multiple jobs, make sure that you track which jobs you have applied for. Download my free 2010 Summer Experience Program Tracking Sheet. If the phone number is not included in the job ad, use the Government of Ontario's Staff Directory to find it. Tracking your applications will also make it easier to follow-up with the hiring manager.

Now, if you happen to live in and around the Toronto area, then take a look at the City of Toronto's summer job board as various municipal agencies and departments are still hiring as well.

If you're a graphic design student, then check out the opportunity to work this summer as a Work Term Student (Graphic Design).

Or, if you're passionate about biking and making Toronto a more bike-friendly city, then consider applying to either the Work Term Student - Bicycle Station position or the Work Term Student - BIXI Toronto Team Leaders position.

For all three jobs, applications are due by tomorrow, May 26, 2010 - although it's short notice, the application process is quite easy and can be done within two hours.

To apply, scroll the bottom of the job ad and click "Apply for this position". Doing so will take you the City of Toronto's 2010 Summer Employment Application Form. Simply complete the form with the relevant details and cut and paste your cover letter and resume into the appropriate field.

INSIDER TIP: Remember, the City of Toronto uses an online resume storage system called Resumix. Make sure you have an electronic resume that is full of key words related to the job and can easily be scanned by the software.

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