April 28, 2010

Summer Job Spotlight ... Zodiac swim camp looking for staff

If you're still looking for a summer camp job, then check out the summer jobs available with Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camps.

Operating out of the Toronto French School, located at Bayview Avenue & Lawrence Avenue East, the camps offer a range of activities for campers - and thus, are looking for a range of staff that have different skill sets, experiences, and areas of expertise.

Currently, Zodiac is looking for:

1. Counsellors

Counsellor positions are based out of the Toronto French School and run for up to 7 weeks, from July 5 to August 20.

Ideal counsellors are kid-friendly, enthusiastic and caring and able to work with campers that range in age from 2.5 to 12.5 years of age.

Applicants must be at least 16 years old by December 2010.

2. Swim Specialists

Swim Instructor positions are also based out of the Toronto French School location and run for 7 weeks from July 5 to August 20.

Successful applicants must have a minimum of Red Cross Instructors and Bronze Cross certifications. Life Saving Instructors, National Lifeguard Service (NLS), CPR-C and Standard First-Aid certifications are also strongly recommended - and will result in a higher base salary.

3. Camp Specialists

Similar to the Swim Specialist position, specialist positions are based at the Toronto French School and run for 7 weeks from July 5 to August 20.

Positions are available in a number of areas, including: sports, art, rock-climbing, drama, music and recreational games.

Specialists must be qualified and experienced their particular area as they will be responsible for instructing campers aged 2.5 to 12.5 years.

4. Camp Nurse (RN)

This is a full-time position based out of the Toronto French School and will run from July 5 to August 20.

The position involves administering medication and treatment to our 2.5-15.5 year old campers and staff members.

The ideal applicant will be a Registered Nurse (RN) who is experienced, kid-friendly, enthusiastic and caring.

Application Procedure

To apply for any of the positions, you must download and complete the 2010 Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camp Application Form. You should also include a resume and cover letter.

Take note that the application form mentions that you must attach, if applicable, a copy of:

1. Birth Certificate or Driver’s License
2. S.I.N. Card
3. Student/School Identification Card

Personally, I would advise you NOT to include such documents. If your application was lost, misplaced, or intercepted while in transit, the photocopied information contained on those documents would be enough for someone to steal your identity. Not only could someone open a bank account or possibly a credit card in your name, but SIN numbers are heavily sought after in the black market and yours could be illegally used by someone else.

I recommend that you do one of two things. You can either:

1. Call the Zodiac office at 416 789 1989 ext. 102 or 252 and explain your reservations and ask them what the best course of action would be
2. In your cover letter, address your concerns and state that you will be able to provide such documentation at a later date

Once you have decided what you will do with your photocopied documentation, you can send your applications to:

Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camp
160 Steeprock Drive
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 2T4

Applications can also be sent via fax to 416 789 5525.

Should you have any more questions, you can get in touch with the camp staff at 416 789 1989 or at info@zodiaccamp.on.ca


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