April 15, 2010

Summer Job Spotlight ... Ontario Place still hiring

A few days ago, I mentioned that Canada's Wonderland is still looking to fill various positions for its 2010 season.

If Wonderland's not your thing or you'd prefer to work in a more downtown workplace but still want to work in a busy and popular theme park, then consider applying for a summer job with Ontario Place.

Not only is it a great theme park to work at, but the Canadian National Exhibition is held on the grounds adjacent to the park, so that means you'll have plenty of chances to visit the world famous CNE and have a meal or two in the Food Building.

Plus, there are also other benefits to working at Ontario Place this summer including:

- Free admission to Ontario Place and deals at other attractions in Ontario
- An opportunity to build your resume with valuable skills and experience
- An opportunity to learn through our extensive training programs
- An opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work with special incentives
- Discounts to our on-site restaurants
- An opportunity to return the following year, without needing to apply again
(with good standing in a final performance review)
Opportunities to apply for other positions- a chance to get promoted or an opportunity to work in other departments

In order to apply, you must be at least 15 years old - and just like Wonderland, some positions may require employees to be older due to provincial legislation. However, since Ontario Place hires 500 people each year, they are known for hiring staff that come with a diversity of experience, so it's worth a shot!

If interested in a summer job with Ontario Place, you'll be happy to know that the application process is quite simple.

First, check out their job book and decide on which positions appeal to you. Then, select the three (3) jobs that you want the most as you can only apply for three jobs.

Once you know what jobs you'd like to be considered for, fill out the Ontario Place 2010 Summer Employment form.

Take note that their application form does not require a resume or cover letter. However, ensure you take the time to read each question and review your answer, especially since they ask a very common situational interview question.

INSIDER TIP: If you're available for full-time work beginning May until early September, check out the list of additional summer jobs with Ontario Place.

And finally, should you have any questions, feel free to give Ontario Place's Human Resources department a call at 416 314 9898.

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