November 19, 2009

Wraps Capriccio looking for gift wrappers and managers

Do you like wrapping gifts for family & friends?

Do you enjoy arts & crafts and have a flair for all things creative?

Are you looking for a temporary job that will not only let you earn money and gain valuable work experience but will end before school starts again in January?

If you answered "Yes!" to all three questions, then read on - there's a great job opportunity waiting for you!

Wraps Capriccio, a gift wrapping service that operates in a number of malls across the Greater Toronto Area during the busy holiday season, is looking to hire Gift Wrappers and Customer Service Managers to staff its locations in Toronto and Brampton.

For those looking for a flexible after-school job that lasts for a few short weeks in December, working for Wraps Capriccio provides an excellent opportunity to earn extra cash while gaining valuable work experience. Plus, for those creatively-inclined, it gives you a chance to flex your creativity muscles.

In a nutshell, those hired as Gift Wrappers are responsible for wrapping gifts based on certain specifications and techniques. In addition, you will also interact with customers, help management keep the area clean, and assist in the opening and closing of the location.

Similarly, those hired as a Customer Service Manager will be in charge of a specific location. That means opening and closing the location daily, coordinating and scheduling a team of Gift Wrappers, and wrapping gifts as needed. As well, you will be responsible for all cash transactions, including nightly accounting and reporting duties.

To apply for either position, complete the relevant online application form and then you will receive an e-mail invitation to an upcoming Wrap Seminar & Job Fair, usually held in late November at a downtown Toronto location. If you are invited to the job fair, bring a well-written, outstanding resume and the contact information for your references.

For more information, you can also contact the company directly via e-mail.

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