October 8, 2009

Federal government's Post-Secondary Recruitment program ends today!

If you're interested in a career with the federal government, read on!

Most of the positions available with the Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) program close today, October 8, 2009 at 11:59pm (PST)!

In case you aren't familiar with the program, the
Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) program recruits recent university and college graduates from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds into entry-level positions across Canada. A full listing of the job opportunities available can be found here.

To apply, you will need to create a My Jobs profile at jobs.gc.ca. There is an online application form that has a variety of sections that you will need to complete - as well, you will need a top-notch electronic/online resume and possibly a well-written, tailored cover letter!

And as with most federal government jobs, testing is part of the recruitment process. Further information on the tests that are administered and how to prepare for them can be found here.

Finally, if you have any general questions about the program, check out the PSR's FAQ section.


While there are specific jobs you can apply for (e.g. Analyst, Program Officer, Human Resources Consultant), you should also apply to the PSR's general inventory. You'll want to do this because should a government agency/department want to hire someone, they will request referrals from this general database - and by applying to the database, your chances of securing a job with the federal government are greatly increased!

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