September 1, 2009

Take your career - and resume - to the next level!

While browsing other career blogs today, I came across LiveCareer, a website that offers registered users 5 free online tests in the following areas: Career Interests, Career Satisfaction, Career Aptitude, Career Assessment, and Resume.

I highly recommend using the free Resume test as it provides direct feedback on your uploaded resume. The test itself only takes 25 minutes and you'll receive a 19-page personalized report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your resume and how it would fare with a hiring manager.

According to the test's website, you'll also receive personalized feedback in the following areas:

1. Basic Information: Whether your professional resume contains all of the essential data points and aspects that employers and hiring managers expect to see.

2. Language and Grammar: Whether your resume is free of typos, mixed tenses or grammatical errors.

3. Layout and Organization: How well your resume uses layout, font, length and style elements to your advantage.

4. Highlighting Accomplishments: How well you emphasize your most significant accomplishments in your resume.

5. Customization: How well your resume is tailored to fit the requirements of a specific job opportunity.

Best of all, the test doesn't just scan the content for specific words - it also takes into account the font, layout, spacing, and other visual elements that can make or break a resume.

Of course, no resume checking tool is 100% accurate, but if you can get free feedback on your resume in the form of a report that will give you a few things to think about, you'd be crazy not to spend the 25 minutes to take the test and upload your resume.

After all, as LiveCareer says, hiring managers typically only take 10 seconds to decide if your resume belongs in the 'yes' or the 'no' pile - with such a short time window, anything that can help you and give your resume an edge will greatly improve your chances of landing your dream job and/or career.

To access the test, click here.

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