September 22, 2009

Online branding tips from the hugely successful gossip blogger Perez Hilton

Earlier in September, Business Week ran a great article written by Dan Schawbel on how anyone can and should build an online personal brand.

To demonstrate his argument, Schawbel uses Perez Hilton, creator of the hugely successful blog. Throughout the article, Schawbel talks about how Hilton was able to start from scratch and successfully brand himself online as a gossip columnist, music enthusiast, and fashion critic.

I decided to recommend this article as I've blogged before about how important it is to understand what your online brand is and how to manage it.

As I've said before, in an age where it is incredibly easy to find out information on potential applicants, managing your online brand is the only way to control the type and flow of information that hiring managers receive.

It is definitely worth reading the article as it not only gives an overview of Hilton's branding strategies, but it also offers easy to use/implement tips and tricks that will benefit job applicants at every stage of their professional career.

To access the article, click here.

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