August 7, 2009

Guess what? Facebook can actually help you land a job!

Do you have a Facebook or LinkedIn page?

Have you recently applied for a job but you aren't sure what the status of your application is?

Well if you do, then it's time to put social networking websites to good use.

Earlier this morning, I came across an excellent article on Yahoo! that described how job seekers can use social networking websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to find out what the status of their job application is.

Of course, these sites have always been good for building contacts in your network, but with a nicely-worded and professional message, you might be able to get your foot in the door and leg up on the competition!

Now, as with anything online, you have to watch out for the type of content contained on your profile as it represents an extension of your online brand.

However, if you have a clean and professional-looking profile, tapping into networks on Facebook and LinkedIn can be invaluable to your network and career.

And don't just think this is something you should only worry about when you are looking for a full-time career job - networking is just as important for student and youth employees.

Want proof?

Consider that hiring managers, particularly in industries that students/youth gravitate to (e.g. retail and restaurant) are more likely to hire someone who has a connection with an existing employee.

And who knows, in 10 years a former colleague or boss could be the person who links you up with the human resources department at a company or organization you've always wanted to work for.

Besides, if you learn how to network now, you can spend more time honing your networking skills and building your contacts. That way, by the time you're looking for that career job, you'll have an extensive network to tap into - plus, you'll be a networking pro!

Click here to read the article.

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