August 14, 2009

City of Toronto Parks & Rec application deadline is Sunday!

If you're looking for a part-time job for the fall and winter, then check out the City of Toronto's recruitment campaign for its Parks & Recreation division.

The jobs available range from being a rink attendant, to working as a camp counsellor, to teaching a class. While all jobs aren't offered in each district - Scarborough, Toronto/East York, North York, and Etobicoke/York - there is sufficient variety for anyone, regardless of experience and/or work interests.

However, with such a large range of positions available, you must read the
online brochure that details the jobs offered in each district, along with the requirements for each job.

And after deciding which jobs are of interest, download and complete the required application form.

INSIDER TIP: Remember that you will need one application form for each position you are applying for.

In addition to the application form, you will also need a top-notch
resume. And while there is no explicit requirement for including a cover letter, I recommend including one.

Completed applications - application form + cover letter + resume - should be dropped-off, mailed, or faxed to the attention of the
Hiring Now Recruitment Coordinator for the district in which you would like to work:

- Scarborough

Scarborough Civic Centre
150 Borough Drive - 5th Floor
Toronto, ON M1P 4N7

Fax: 416-396-5121

- North York District

North York Civic Centre
5100 Yonge Street - 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7
Fax: 416-395-7886

- Toronto/East York

Metro Hall

55 John Street - 7th Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
Fax: 416-392-0023

- Etobicoke/York

Etobicoke Civic Centre

399 The West Mall
Toronto, ON M9C 2Y2
Fax: 416-394-8574

The deadline for applications is Sunday, August 16th - it's a short time frame, but definitely doable if you devote a few hours of your time to read the guide, fill out the application form and create a targeted cover letter and resume.

And because of the impending deadline, which falls on a Sunday for some reason, I recommend faxing applications as you can be sure it will arrive on time - for example, if you mail it, they likely will not receive it until Monday.

However, if you cannot apply by Sunday, do not despair as they do accept applications after the deadline - however, they look at those submitted before the deadline first.

Good luck!

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