July 13, 2009

Summer Job Spotlight ... Digging through online classified ad sites!

You've been out of school now for almost a month - if not longer - and you still don't have a job or even a volunteer placement. Every time you search Workopolis, Monster, HotJobs, and/or the Service Canada Job Bank, you see positions that aren't appropriate for summer students or ones that don't interest you.

Sound familiar?

If so, you might be asking yourself - so what do I do?

Easy - start looking beyond the offerings of typical job search websites like Workopolis, Monster, and even the Service Canada Student Job Bank.

Based on a quick search I did today, I found that many of the websites that students use to find summer jobs have few listings. This is not only due to the downturn in the economy, but it also has to do with the fact that most of the jobs have been filled already.

Yet, if you're still looking - either for something full-time, part-time, or even for just a few days - it is important to broaden your search.

And the best place to start - online classified ad websites like Kijiji and Craigslist. On these sites, there are always jobs listed and since it is free to list, you often get a wide range of companies and organizations taking advantage of the low-cost recruitment tool.

Just taking a casual look through both sites, there are separate listings for part-time jobs and one-off/temporary jobs. And then there are countless categories of jobs that range from manufacturing to sales to marketing to media.

I recommend taking a look at both sites as new jobs are constantly posted every day - and like I said, because it is free, you get a different range of positions as compared with Monster or Workopolis.

Now, if you decide to go this route, be careful and watch out for fake ads. Keep in mind that because it is free to post a job ad, you sometimes get unscrupulous job ads - some are fake, some are real but the company isn't trustworthy, and some are all outright lies!

But as I said above, you can often find a gem of a job if you're prepared to dig. And if faced with a job ad that you aren't quite sure if it is real or not, use your judgment and follow your instincts. Don't take any unnecessary risks!

Happy job hunting!

P.S. For those still holding out for a retail job, check out JobLoft.com, which recently posted a number of part-time, full-time, and summer positions with various retail companies across Canada.

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