July 27, 2009

New JobJumper series - "On The Job ..."

Did you just get the job you've always wanted but now aren't sure what to do?

Are you currently working but not sure how to handle a particular situation at work?

Do you spend hours trying to find advice articles on workplace issues facing students and youth?

Well, if you answered "YES!" to any of the above questions, then you're in luck!

In addition to my "What Not To" and "Summer Job Spotlight" series of postings, I've decided to launch a new series of articles, "On The Job".

These articles will offer tips and suggestions for students and youth currently working or volunteering - think of it as advice for those who've taken, or are just taking, their first steps into the working world.

Everything related to working on the job will be covered - from how to navigate office politics, to understanding performance reviews, to marking your territory in the fridge and discouraging people from eating your food!

And similar to my other series, if you have any questions, suggestions for topics, or comments on my blog and its content, you can e-mail me at andrewhercules@gmail.com. I love hearing feedback and I respond to all e-mails - even the ones that disagree with my advice!

So hopefully, I'll hear from some of you! But if not, I hope you still enjoy reading my blog!


Andrew a.k.a TheJobJumper

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