February 17, 2009

Summer Job Spotlight ... Federal/Provincial programmes that help students find work!

Canada Summer Jobs

This programme targets employers looking to hire students. Under this scheme, employers can have up to 100% of the wage and associated expenses of hiring a student.

In order to access this funding, employers must submit an application form, which can be done online.

Funding decisions are released usually in April and May and many of the postings appear on the Jobbank website under the Student/Youth bank.

Summer Jobs Program

This programme, run by the Province of Ontario, aims to help both students and employers link up during the summer.

For students, there is free assistance for finding a job. This can be found at a number of centres around the province - visit the website for further details.

For employers, they offer job posting and screening services, as well as the potential to access a $2/hr wage subsidy - and in today's economy, who wouldn't want a little help in paying wages?

There are a number of programmes launched under this initiative, including the Summer Company programme - the website has tons of information on the wide range of opportunities available to students and youth in Ontario.

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