November 16, 2007

Looking for a job online

People always ask me what the best way to go about an online job search is. Unfortunately, I can't tell everyone the same thing because your online search will really depend on the industry you want to enter and the company you want to work for.

So I've compiled a list of some of my favourite websites, with a little description of each:

1) JobBank - - run by Service Canada, this online database of jobs has everything from casual to full-time jobs. Best of all, they are jobs in pretty much every industry - and there's a separate database of student-only jobs. Definitely worth checking out!

2) Job Loft - - run by a bunch of Ryerson grads, this website caters to those looking for retail/restaurant/customer service jobs. The best part is that you can enter in your postal code and the search engine will find jobs within your area.

3) Workopolis - - the one website that everyone will tell you to visit. I like the site, but only if you want an office job. The great thing is you can search by the company you'd like to work for and apply online using Workopolis' special application form.

4) Craigslist Toronto - - if you're looking for a job in a wide range of industries, check out this site. Just be really really really careful that it's legit. If something doesn't sit right with you, don't even bother applying - there have been tons of cases of fraud on the website. At the same time, a lot of honest employers use that site because the classified listings are all free.

5) Visit the websites of the companies you want to work for. This works great because these organizations will post jobs that they might not repost to another website like Workopolis or the JobBank. And they might provide you with more information to make a more tailored cover letter, and resume, and make it easier to follow up (i.e. by providing the contact information for the person applications are sent to). Even if you found out about the job through another website, google the company you want to work for - you might find something interesting on their website that you'll put into your cover letter ... and that will make your application stand out even more!

Just to note - we all know that there are more websites out there. But these 4 are my favourites - they make it easy to search for jobs and they have listings for positions that would appeal to students and youth.

And really, an easier job search equals more time to spend on perfecting your resume and cover letter - and that will pay huge dividends in the long-run!

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