October 30, 2007

The story behind my first job

Back when I was an Employment Counsellor, people would often ask me what my first job was. And so here's the quickie version ...

At the time, I was 15 and I always wanted to work in a coffee store. A Second Cup location near my house was hiring and I decided to give the manager my resume. I ended up getting an interview on-the-spot and a week later, I was behind the counter making coffee drinks like a seasoned pro. I stayed with this job for three months - then I left to focus on school and the upcoming tennis and badminton seasons.

Even though I was pretty young (after all, you need to be 16 to be bonded by most retail insurance policies) and my only real experience was babysitting, I was able to create a great resume and cover letter and I walked in there confident that I was the perfect fit for the job. Plus, it didn't hurt that I was looking for a job during the holiday season - a time when retail stores hire mass numbers of people to deal with the increase in sales.

So what do I hope people learn from my first job? Well two things really. The first is that your job search is all about confidence - you have to always keep a positive attitude. And secondly, the holiday season is one of the best times to break into the world of retail work - there are tons of positions available and more are temporary so if school is important, it's not like you are making a huge commitment.

And so if you're thinking you'd like to try retail, check out your favourite stores and see if they are hiring - that's what I did and I lucked out and got the job. And you can too!

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